3 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

As the season changes toward the end of the year, we tend to get less sun, less warmth and more sniffles. Staying healthy through the winter months can be challenging as the cold weather affects our environment, mood and body.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll avoid the winter blahs or flu virus this season, but we do have three suggestions to help you stay healthy this winter. With just a couple additions to your home, work space and daily routine, you can boost your immunity and feel well through the colder months.

Your first step may be stocking the freezer with frozen fruits, checking out best space heater for large room reviews or finding a great fitting pair of fleece-lined run leggings. Read on to determine your best first step toward better health this winter.

3 Ways To Stay Healthy This Winter

Invest in an indoor space heater and/or humidifier

We’re affected by the temperature of the air and the many particles within in.

Spending hours in a room that feels well below regular room temperature can be more than uncomfortable, it can be unhealthy. Cold air inhibits our immune system’s ability to kill viruses during inhalation – just one of the reasons germs spread in the winter.

If any part of your home or office are cold, a portable indoor space heater can be a great solution. Space heaters allow you to supplement your main heat source, while keeping energy costs low.

Before purchasing, check out some reviews of the best space heaters to suit your needs. Small space heaters can be great for apartments and condos but if you’re trying to heat a large room, you’ll want to focus on reviews of space heaters for large rooms. Speaking of big spaces, here are more ways to add warmth to a large room. And if you have young ones around, look for safety features like tip-over protection in whichever space heater you choose.

An indoor space heater that also works as a humidifier, is a great option to heat your room and add moisture to the air. Avoiding dry air will help you avoid dry skin and chapped lips, while providing relief from dry coughs and other cold or flu symptoms.

If you home and office are warm but the air is dry, then a humidifier is the way to go.

Load up on vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting foods

Leading up to and throughout the winter cold and flu season, we can support our wellness by consuming more vitamins, minerals and immune-boosting foods.

Vitamin C and D probably come immediately to mind, but they are just two vitamins essential to staying healthy this winter. Brush up on all the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy immune system as well as the best foods to get them from.

Get out and get moving

Our bodies are meant to move and are healthier when they do. This doesn’t change during winter. What does change is our motivation to be outdoors and to stick to our exercise routines.

If you’re already in the habit of working out but find your motivation waning, here’s what you can do to maintain your fitness routine during winter.

In addition to, or as an alternative to your regular workouts, we encourage you to get outside and enjoy seasonal activities like ice skating, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. The time outside will provide a healthy dose of immune-boosting vitamin D and the movement can help relieve cold symptoms like nasal congestion.

Got a cold and not sure whether or not to workout? Here’s what the Mayo Clinic says about exercising when you have a cold.

Wherever you choose to begin, we hope these simple additions help you stay healthy this winter season.

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