3 Common Smoking Alternatives to Try This Year

There are various other ways to indulge in pleasure as compared to smoking. You should find out your options first and then make a decision. If you are trying to quit cold turkey, you will find it extremely hard unless you choose an effective alternative such as e-juice. You may find the best cheap e-juice online. Remember the most important thing if you want to quit is a change in attitude, getting the necessary support and looking for alternatives. This makes the whole process easier. We have compiled some of the options you may try if you no longer want to smoke. Even if you are looking for other options, to pass your free time, you may choose from the few options given below.

Here are 3 Common smoking alternatives to try this year:

1. Herbal cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes are common nowadays. They are considered a safer option to smoking tobacco. One of the main advantages is that they are not addictive since they do not contain nicotine. Some of the herbs used to make the cigarettes include Ginseng, Licorice and red clover flowers among other herbs. Herbal cigarettes are unfiltered hence they will produce more carbon monoxide and that. But apart from that, they are a good option if you do not want to smoke the regular tobacco based cigarettes.

2. E-juice

This is one of the best options for smokers who want to quit smoking or those people who are looking for an alternative relaxation method. It is made up of at least four ingredients including vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol, pharmaceutical nicotine grade, and distilled water. Different flavors are then added to cater for preferences by different people. Research shows that e-juice is not as harmful as the traditional cigarettes. That is why many people are opting for this instead of smoking. Research has shown that is less harmful to health too. Through an atomizer, the liquid is aerosolized to produce a vapor that the consumers enjoy. There are a variety of flavors. They range from vanilla, strawberry, menthol and various fruits. If you want nicotine –free juice, it is also available. This is the best pick for people who do not want to get addicted to smoking. Opt for brands from reputable companies to ensure that you are getting the best e-juice.

3. Smokeless tobacco

This comes in the form of candy pellets that dissolve in the mouth instantly. You may also get it in the form of snuff, chewing tobacco and snus. There is a high risk of gum loss especially for chewing tobacco lovers so it must be used sparingly. You will get any of the above types of tobacco in various flavors. A major disadvantage of such forms of tobacco is mainly due to the packaging. Children can accidentally take the pellets or chewing tobacco because they are packaged like candy. It is important that people who use such products are responsible enough to keep them out of reach.

In addition to the above alternatives, you may also opt for hookahs, bidis, and kreteks as well depending on your preferences. Smoking is bad for your health especially if done in excess. The above are some of the smoking alternatives that are less harmful.

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