21 Questions Game: Let The Game Begin

21 questions game is an incredible and fun approach to become more acquainted with somebody better. Let us play a game in which you would be questioning your friends 21 different kinds of questions which is to be answered in a rapid fire mode. The game is known as 21 questions game.

So all you buddies are assembled together and trying to utilize your time with something useful and fun? To make your time useful you all started to discuss some random stuff, however, soon you run out of topics. So to deal with such a situation we’ll suggest a interesting activity to make your hangouts fun and exciting!

21 Questions Game

Let the 21 random questions game begins-

21 Question Game : Questions to ask your crush:

Kickstarting a conversation with your crush is not the easiest task! But a fantabulous 21 Question Game can help eliminate small talk. With this game, you and your crush connect better, find common likes and dislikes with this game. Your smart (cheeky!) questions can realise your dream of a romantic candlelit dinner!

This game is as simple as it gets – you ask easy breezy 21 questions to your crush. These can be random questions from everyday life to complex situations. Since these questions are all-encompassing – the 21 Question Game is the best way to know a LOT with just 21 questions. This game can be even more fun if both you and your crush choose to alternatively ask these questions – and of course, dig a little deeper by the end of it!

Here’s our bucket list of 21 questions

  1. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  2. If it were Apocalypse tomorrow, what all would you be doing today?
  3. Do best friends make great lovers?
  4. Do you believe in live-ins?
  5. What’s your one big pet peeve?
  6. Who is your favourite character from Game of Thrones?
  7. Are you a beach or a mountain person?
  8. If you had three wishes, what would they be?
  9. What is your dream destination?
  10. When and what did you last sing for someone?
  11. What is your idea of living – live in the moment or save for the last?
  12. Do you believe in ‘..happily ever after’?
  13. Tell me your scariest dream.
  14. Who is your celebrity crush?
  15. What does love mean to you?
  16. If you have 3 wishes from Aladdin, what would they be?
  17. Do you like to give or receive?
  18. What is your best pick-up line?
  19. What’s your biggest turn on?
  20. What’s your ideal date night?
  21. Do you prefer flirting in person or sexting?

We bet you just had a gala time playing this game. Hope you’re digging deep into all your crush’s secrets now!

21 Questions Game: Questions To Ask Girls:

21 Questions Game Questions For girls

  1. At what place would you prefer to establish a self-owned vacation home? Mountainous regions, the sandy beaches or between the woods?
  2. As a child which game you preferred to play?
  3. Which food items makes you break your strict dietary regime?
  4. What is your dream destination on earth you want to visit?
  5. What kind of a house you have always dreamt of living in?
  6. In case you had a chance to become the president of a country for a day, which country would you prefer to govern?
  7. What things irritates you the most?
  8. What things makes you the happiest?
  9. Which song makes you feel as if its lyrics was exclusively composed for you?
  10. If you fall into a dilemma and got to select any one option, which one would you opt for? Happiness or truth?
  11. What do you prefer to be Famous or rich?
  12. If one day god grants you the opportunity to fulfil one unrealistic wish of yours, which wish would you like to fulfil?
  13. What qualities do you expect to be in your future partner?
  14. In case you want to make your attitude perfect, what negative quality of yours would you deal with to eradicate the imperfections from you?
  15. Would you ever bet your intelligence in exchange of looks or you would bet your looks in exchange on intelligence?
  16. When in love, would you go against the whole society to give your relationship stance, or you would rather kill your desires for the sake of those age old customs?
  17. In case you get a change to mate with a celebrity, whom would you choose to be?
  18. In case you are in a hurry and even a further second’s delay can lead to some serious trouble, however you see person fallen on the road in need of some help? Would you lend your hand for help?
  19. In case you get a chance to live a life of an animal, what animal you would opt for and why?
  20. In case you get once-in-a-lifetime chance to be trained by the most professional teams of world free of cost, regarding a course chosen specifically by you, which course would you opt for and why?
  21. The last but not least 21st Questions Game- In case you ever get a chance to kill yourself, which medium you would opt for, jumping from a cliff or setting yourself on fire?

21 Questions Game: Questions To Ask Boys/Boyfriend:

21 Questions Game Questions For Boys

  1. If you were given multiple choices out of which you had to select three cars, which one would you opt for?
  2. Who was the first person you fell in love with?
  3. Which place you feel is the best for a memorable vacation?
  4. Describe the best and worst qualities about your best friend
  5. What is your favorite source of entertainment and why?
  6. Which job you think suits the best for men and women?
  7. If given a chance would you like to live your school life all over again or just store its memories with you?
  8. Do you have the guts to admit the most embarrassing thing ever happened with you in front of everyone?
  9. According to you, what are the main problems of the society and how can they be dealt with?
  10. In case you ever get a chance to dine with a dead known or unknown person, along with full security, would you ever dare to do that?
  11. What kind of movie characters do you prefer to watch? And what are the qualities which influenced you?
  12. If ever your cooking skills are to be tested would you take up the challenge? If yes then what would you aim to prepare?
  13. On a perfect day with the most amazing weathers ever, what would you love to do?
  14. What all do you aim to achieve in life?
  15. By chance you happen to win a lottery you never thought of, how would you utilized the money and why?
  16. If u ever were in a relationship, did you ever intend to cheat the person who was involved with you?
  17. Can you distinguish between making love and having sex?
  18. According to you, what is the sexiest thing is a man and a woman separately?
  19. Did you ever had a heart break? If yes then what probably the reason might have been behind the unexpected drama?
  20. If you ever get a chance to get bitten by an animal, which animal you would opt for tarantula spider or a black mamba?
  21. What mistake of yours made you learn the most important lesson of your life?

We hope you give a try to all these 21 questions game above and experience the crazy moments you get to live after exploring the unveiled side of your friends!

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Thanks and happy reading. Do share your opinion in comment section below.

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