2 Major Spa and Hot Tub Chemicals You Should Know


There is such a thing as water therapy and it has proven helpful for many people. This is considering how some people suffering from certain health issues have been able to manage or even completely overcome their health complications thanks to it.

Speaking of water therapy; spas, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs are some of the equipment used. People that make use of any of these three the right way can make the most of water therapy.

And for the record, there is a difference between the trio – spas, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs. This is even though they have their similarities. The possibility of benefitting from the therapeutic effects of water is one of the similarities they all share. If you are interested in finding out about the differences between these three, you can read this article.

We have established how water therapy is a possibility with hot tubs and spas above. However, some things need to be put in place for this to happen. One of those things is the proper use of the right chemicals.

These chemicals need to be used in the right measure to make sure using your hot tub or spa is therapeutic. They are very important and this is why you are advised to know about them. We will discuss two major chemicals for this reason here and you are advised to be well informed by reading on.

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There is such a thing as water chemistry and it is not a hard thing to grasp. What you simply need to understand is that water needs to be in the right chemical range to have the right effects.

For this to happen, you need to take note of things such as the alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness level. There are ideal level ranges for every one of these. For instance, calcium hardness needs to fall in between the 150 – 250 ppm range.

Now that you understand this, you should know that certain chemicals can be used to ensure the water chemical level is what it should be. Some of them include:

  • Calcium Hardness Booster – Used to boost hardness level. This is to be used on soft water.
  • pH/Alkalinity Increaser – Used to boost the pH and/or alkalinity level.
  • pH Reducer – Used to reduce the pH and/or alkalinity level. It might also interest you to know that this is one of the most sought-after balancers for spas and hot tubs. The reason for this is that many spas and hot tubs have their pH and alkalinity levels beyond the ideal range and need to be reduced.

As an aside, you should also know that accurate testing of your spa or hot tub’s water level is important. This is because that would help you make use of the right balancers when the need arises.

Against this backdrop, there are several ways to go about testing your spa or hot tub’s water chemistry accurately. First, you can take some of the water for testing in a place that conducts such a test.

The second option is to make use of an index calculator. This is known as a saturation index calculator. You can also make use of a test strip. 


From a general point of view, covid-19 taught us a lot about the importance of sanitizers. These are chemicals that ensure that we are protected from the virus.

Well, this is also how it plays out with spas and hot tubs. This is because this chemical designed for use in this water environment will keep it safe enough for use.

This is considering how several pathogens that can harm you will be dealt with. By pathogens, we are talking about things like mold, viruses, fungus, and even bacteria.

For owners of spas and hot tubs, several sanitizer chemicals can be used. Some options should also be ruled out as they are not ideal given the damage that they can cause.

For instance, the use of chlorine tablets as a sanitizer is not ideal. For one, this is because chlorine tablets are not designed for use in hot tubs or spas. Rather, they are for pools and their use in spas or hot tubs can cause damage to equipment and even surfaces.

You should instead use sanitizers that are designed for use in spas and hot tubs. You are better off with such products.


Hot Tub Chemicals

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting cheap hot tub chemicals online or offline, they must be of good enough quality. What these chemicals do is very important and so you should be more particular about getting the right ones, especially in terms of quality than looking for cheap ones.

This article has discussed two very common hot tub and spa chemicals that are used. You are advised to make the most of them now that you understand how they work. But getting the right chemicals is of utmost importance as explained above.


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