10 Year-Old Boy Helps Blind Deer Find Food

“If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.”

– Chinese Proverb

A 10 year-old boy in the suburbs of Chicago has been taking a blind deer for a walk from one grass patch to another every morning before going to school to ensure that the poor blind deer is able to find some food. This pitiable deer lost her vision — but she found a friend.

Boy walks a Blind Deer

Recently, a Reddit user posted this heart touching picture which has gone viral after it was posted. This video was viewed above half a million times in just four hours. This deer’s story is a reminder of the sweet bonds which can be formed between kindhearted humans and animals. Animals like this one aren’t in danger just because of their own disabilities, but also from the wildlife government officials, who often put down animals without any effort to save them.

Luckily, the boy had contacted a wildlife rescue and they confirmed that they would take the deer and he’ll be taken care of— a fact that the 10-year-old has already explained to his little friend. He wrote “The deer is getting picked up today by a local animal rescue group (NOT animal control) and taken to a vet for assessment,” he also added “It will likely be tagged and taken to a controlled forest preserve but they did say that since she seemed so docile that she might end up in an approved farm or petting zoo.”

Although, it won’t be the same as living freely in the wild, but with a bit of luck it will be a safe home for the vulnerable little deer. And hopefully, the blind deer will have a shot at living a long and joyful life, thanks to his selfless little friend.

Boy Helps Blind Deer Find Food

The little boy’s reaction towards his deer being taken away was very mature. He had been walking the deer for only a few days and he hadn’t even named her or made any efforts to claim her as his own pet or anything of that sort. Neither did he keep her indoors or put out food outdoors for her which is illegal in their state. He just wanted one thing for her, that was for her to be ok and was pleased to know that she would be safe. The little boy sends a inspiring message selflessness and care and his act of kindness must be rewarded.

Let this boys act of kindness be an example to all of us let us learn a lesson of compassion and thoughtfulness from the 10 year old boy, if a young boy of such a gentle age can feel the pain of an animal and take some measures to help him out, then why can’t we do the same? Animals are as much a part of this society as you and I so let’s all pledge to learn by this boys act of kindness and make some efforts to help the disadvantaged!

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