10 Ways To Rock A T-Shirt For Any Occasion

When planning a nice outfit, t-shirts usually aren’t what first comes to mind. They can seem plain, or boring, or just unsuited for anything but the most casual of situations. That’s an old fashioned way of looking at things.

Tees can be one of the most versatile tools in your arsenal! Thin enough to fit comfortably under just about anything and varied enough to give you an absolute ton of options. You could even order custom t-shirts or you can also make your own t-shirt online if you’re looking to really stand out. Whether you’re working, partying, or going out for a night on the town, you can find a way to use your favorite t-shirt. From simply coupling them with the right accessories, to whole ensembles, we’ve highlighted below 10 of the most interesting combinations we can think of for your t-shirt needs.

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Blazers Class Up an Outfit

Looking to show off your favorite graphic tee at a more formal occasion? Pairing it up with a bright blazer and matching pants gives you a classy yet approachable look that’s sure to swing heads. For bonus points, throw in a classic hat and a pair of heels to really blur the line between business and casual, and look stylish doing it!

Plaid Skirts are Stylish and Warm

If your looking to keep using your tees through the colder months, without sacrificing your warmth or your look, pair it with a plaid wool skirt! Perfect for outdoor parties or city strolling, especially when coupled with a trim-cut raincoat, this ensemble is the best option for your fall needs.

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Change Up Your Outfit with a Bustier

Spice up any t-shirt by pairing it with bustier top! These go over your tee, and can add an unusual flair to an otherwise basic outfit, making this a flexible styling. For something less showy you could go with a plain color bustier, but those look to grab attention might want to opt for the eye catchingly bold lacey bustiers, which can draw attention to your tee without blocking it!

 Vests: A Quick and Simple Option

To up the ante on your outfit without dedicating too much time to the look, slip on a vest! A colored or denim vest over a white t-shirt can provide a much needed splash of color to your ensemble, and can easily be paired with almost any bottom to make up a versatile outfit for work or play.

Oversized Tees: Not Just a Sleep Shirt

Whether designed that way or not, using an extra long shirt as a dress is an affordable and stylish option for those looking to make a bold statement when they hit the streets. You can either buy them custom-hemmed for a more expensive option, or just buy larger t-shirts, or even men’s tees, to accomplish more or less the same look. For an extra original look, you could even get the t-shirts custom-made through an online design service.

Pencil Skirts are a Safe and Fabulous Choice

Another faux-formal option, wearing a pencil skirt with your tee can really elevate the outfit, without making it too dressy for casual and everyday wear. Pairing it with a nice bag and a pair of flats or heels makes this look exactly what you’ll need when taking your tee for a night on the town with friends.

Wear Your Tee Under Your Dress

Feel like your dress is missing something, or maybe you just want to shake up an old favorite? Try layering a tee underneath your dress to add an extra layer of depth to your outfit. This is a cheap change that can lead to any number of unique combinations. To give yourself an edge over other similarly minded fashion lovers, try using a custom designed t-shirt under the dress.

Suspenders Aren’t Just for Farmers

Upcity style meets down country chic, the suspender skirt is a great warm weather item to pair with your t-shirts. Whether you go with long or short cut skirts, this outfit is a great dress replacement, while still remaining formal enough for most work functions.

Active or Glamorous: Why Pick One?

For those looking for comfort and free movement, couple a pair of nicely made joggers with favored tees, and maybe throw in a handbag to add some flair to this athletic wear. Just because you want to stay active doesn’t mean you can’t stay stylish!

The Classic

Sometimes you don’t want to have to worry about putting together some complicated outfit, and that’s totally okay! Just slip into your tee and wrangle yourself into a pair of skinny jeans, and viola! Simple and timeless. You can add a pair of sunglasses to add a little spice to the simple outfit, or order a custom tee for a one of a kind flair!

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