10 Unique Flower Centerpiece Ideas for Your Next Event

Creating centerpieces is a complex task. Sometimes, it is challenging to decide what to choose: roses or sunflowers, a light range of colors or bright? Simplify the job and choose from the flower centerpieces in FiftyFlowers.

10 Trendy Ideas for Floral Centerpieces

Consider these classic and trendy ideas for flower centerpieces.

  1. Total white. Typically, roses are used in such compositions. This is a classic that never becomes obsolete. However, be careful if your whole event is decorated in white as flowers can merge with the background. In this case, add some greenery to them.
  2. Bright: orange, pink, and red centerpieces. It seems that this trend appeared in a post-covid time when people wanted to celebrate life. We at FiftyFlowers love it!
  3. Calla lilies and greenery. A popular option for elegant princess-style events.
  4. Mixed eucalyptus greenery. A bunch of different types of eucalyptus is a great solution if you are looking for something simple, unusual, and elegant.
  5. With succulents. It’s a very unusual option! Such floral arrangements fit perfectly into a rustic, garden, or whimsical wedding.
  6. Tropical. Often include such plants as birds of paradise, okra pods, and protea, and create a rainforest atmosphere.
  7. Rose. A floral centerpiece of roses of various types and colors is always appropriate.
  8. Wildflowers. Suit perfect for an event in the garden. Limonium, Statice, and Asters create beautiful tender compositions.
  9. Bleached and dried. Such compositions have a light brown shade and an intricate shape: for example, they can go in a box. They often include loofah, dried protea, pampas grass, and dried ginger.
  10. Vintage These floral centerpieces use any flowers, but the composition design reflects the aesthetics of the 1920s.

Exquisite Flower Centerpieces from FiftyFlowers

Choose ready-made floral centerpieces, and your event will be provided with beautiful decor. Fresh flowers usually last 4–8 days (depending on their type). To choose a suitable color scheme, use the button “Wedding Colors” on our website, and FiftyFlowers will offer good options for your event.

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