10 Questions for Couples to Ask Each Other When Travelling

When you travel with your significant other, take some time to get to know each other a little better with these 10 questions. Find out something new, here.

Traveling with your significant other can be a challenge. But if done properly, you can discover that you’re closer than you ever expected. Use your next trip to take some time to get to know each other with these 10 questions for couples.

Questions for Couples You Can’t Skip 

Some of these questions can be fun and playful, while other’s can be a little deeper. You want to make sure that you know your significant other, and more than what’s on the surface or posted on social media.

Here are ten of our favorite questions to ask your partner when traveling:

  1. What destination do you want to visit together next?

A big part of being in a relationship is being on the same page. While you don’t have to make every trip together, and honestly you shouldn’t. It’s important that you keep having your own individual experiences, as well as joint ones as a couple.

But perhaps you meet on the same page, and you’ll learn you both want to check out Bahamas cruise destinations together next. It’s nice when you both have the same dreams.

  1. Which of your childhood vacations would you most like to recreate for our kids?

Whether you have kids or are planning on having them, it’s key that you’re both on the same page with how you want to raise them. It’s also nice showing your kids things you used to enjoy when you were their age. Like a trip to Disney or that rustic beach house, you and your parents went to every summer.

  1. If we had to live in one of the places you’ve visited on vacation which one would be your first choice?

This might be less of a realistic question, but it’s still, it’s fun to imagine. Finding out where your significant other would want to live, tells you a lot about their imagination and creative side. Or if they pick their parents house, well, that’s a whole other issue.

  1. What overseas location would you most like for us to visit together?

Traveling together can really bring you together, especially if that overseas country’s first language isn’t your native language. If your significant other’s choice isn’t your top choice, keep an open mind. You never know!

  1. What would be your ideal getaway for a long weekend?

Having a compatible standard with where you’d want to take a short trip is key. Is it a city or a country getaway? Find out!

  1. What is your least favorite place you’ve visited on a trip?

It’s good to know what your partner’s travel nightmares are as well as their dreams. Hopefully, you can avoid a similar situation next time. At the least, the answer to this question is probably a good story.

  1. What do you like the least about travel?

Is it getting on a plane, packing, or just general travel anxiety? Better to find out now than later.

  1. What is your favorite part of travel?

Hopeful there’s something your partner likes about travel. Otherwise, this trip is not going to be that much fun…

  1. What theme park would you most like for us to visit together?

This answer could also be no theme park. Some people don’t like theme parks and that’s totally fine.

  1. What would be your idea of a perfect 25th-anniversary trip?

Here’s hoping you make it to 25 years! You probably will if this trip goes well. Traveling together tends to bring people together.

Start Asking Those Questions! 

You might be a little nervous to tackle these questions for couples when traveling with your significant other, but don’t be! These questions will not only bring you closer together, but it’s also something to do when you’re traveling. For more travel tips, check out our blog.


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