10 Interesting Facts About Lawns

We know what grass is – it’s the green stuff that grows all over the ground. It grows when we plant it, and it grows in the wild. Turf is almost everywhere.

Grass, though, is more interesting than what you would likely believe. There are many facts related to lawns around the world that are likely to surprise you. We have 10 of those interesting facts. 

Grasslands Dominate Vegetation

Did you know that grasslands make up over 20 percent of the vegetation that covers the earth? You can find savannas, steppes, pampas, and prairies in many locations around the world. They serve an essential purpose for habitats all over.

Three Types of Grasses

Although you’ll find many grass seeds to choose from, there are only three types of grass out there: Poaceae (Grasses), Juncaceae (Rushes), and Cyperaceae (Sedges, Bullrushes).

But There are More Grass Species

Around the world, we’ve found over 10,000 types of grass species. That’s quite the number. When you compare that to the overall amount of plant species in the world, that number is actually quite small. The estimate is that there are roughly over one million plant species.

Warm-Season vs Cold-Season

Grass is broken into two categories – warm-season and cold-season. As the names would suggest, warm-season grass are the seeds that survive the best in warmer climates. Cold-season seeds work best in cooler climates. Zoysia grass seed would be an example of warm-season grass seed.

Zoysia is Native to Asia

A popular grass seen in the United States is Zoysia. However, it didn’t originate here. Zoysia is native to Asia, according to WikiLawn’s Zoysia grass guide, but came over to the United States back in 1895, or even earlier. This was when Americans started to get attached to their lawns.

Your Lawn Likely Has Millions of Grass Plants

The average lawn in the United States likely has over a million grass plants. That is a lot of grass in one section to look after.

Mowing Your Lawn Burns Calories

Now, we’re not talking about a riding lawnmower here. Using a push lawnmower can actually help you burn calories. So, if you’re looking for a bit of exercise, head out with your lawnmower and cut the grass.

Grass is Old

Although your lawn may be young, grass in general is ancient. In fact, grass is considered to be one of the oldest living organisms discovered, dating back to 200,000 years from seagrass in the Mediterranean Sea.

Where Grass Gets It’s Green

Ever wonder why grass is green (or supposed to be green)? It’s from the chlorophyll in it. It’s a common chemical in the majority of plants out there. It is a pigment that absorbs blue and red. However, it reflects a green light, giving you a lushes green lawn.

You Spend a Lot of Time Caring For Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance is a necessity if you want to have the greenest grass on the block. You can expect to spend anywhere between five and nine days in one year taking care of your lawn. 

Grass has a fascinating history that many don’t know about. These interesting facts about our lawn will give you a different perspective of it the next time you go out to cut it.

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