10 Hobbies to Take Up That May Be Useful in the Future

If it were not for hobbies, humanity would have long gone into collective madness, trumped by the searing burden of work. Long before modern man settled into cubicles and soul-draining nine-to-five routines, people had the pleasure of toiling over oil paint and getting commissioned for sheer talent, labor over the sanctity of metal and get paid for a well-forged sword, even spend hours daydreaming and writing sonnets about birds and getting a penny for words.

Of course, humans’ appetite for beautiful paintings, swords, and poetry has not waned. But they are no longer the priority. Man’s humanity is pushed to the side. By whom? That’s another story.10 Hobbies to Take Up That May Be Useful in the Future

This article, instead, helps you, the modern human, get back the soul-driving joy that comes from doing what your inner passion dictates.


Reading is a great hobby to pick up for a myriad of reasons. For the contemporary individual, information is currency, and knowledge is power. Being able to consume information helps keep you on top of the game by putting you in an advantage in your career by learning new things, helping you communicate properly by building your vocabulary, and assisting you in making better decisions.

Reading is a fantastic mental workout that is also associated with a healthier mind during old age. 

Playing an Instrument 

Learning to tickle the ivories may do wonders to your brain. Studies have been conducted on the correlation between musical education and intelligence, and the results are positive. Long periods of focus on dynamic visual, auditory, and motor signals are high-level cognitive skills exercised when learning music or playing an instrument.

On top of that, it also helps improve your eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. 

Picking Locks

Locksport is the sport or recreation of defeating locking systems. For locksporters, lockpicking is no longer just a skill but is an art form. The adrenaline of defeating complex lock systems is extremely fun and satisfying. Not to mention, it’s an extremely handy skill to have when you’re stuck in certain situations. You can even get paid for it.


Cooking is one of those hobbies that everyone should consider getting into. Your friends will love it. You will especially find it an endearingly delightful exercise. Cooking encourages you to be in the moment, to constantly be vigilant of alternatives, to be cautious of labels, and to experiment. It will also push you to be great at planning. All these are skills that are useful beyond the kitchen.

Playing Video Games

Playing video games is no longer child’s play. Some of the games today require complex strategy planning and team collaboration to overcome. In fact, competitive esports now offers millions of dollars in pot money. If you’re planning a future career in esports, then it’s time to build that rig and get gaming.

Producing Your Own Music

Irish singer and songwriter Orla Gartland started uploading her own music on YouTube when she was just but an ordinary schoolgirl with a passion for her guitar and her own tunes. Now the young redhead is getting paid to perform live in London and the US and is loved by thousands of fans everywhere. If you love what you do, starting small is all that matters.

So start mixing your own grooves, practicing your riffs, and get it out there. After all, for creatives like you, it’s the journey that matters most.

Taking Up Martial Arts

Getting into martial arts doesn’t only get you hard-core self-defense skills but also self-discipline. Learning martial arts is a journey of self-discovery; of learning your own physical, mental, and spiritual limits; of humility; and of self-restraint. Also plain badassery.

In the real world, it gives you the ability to protect yourself and those you love and help others. Or you can get paid and be a stunt double—or an action star! Who knows?


Journaling every day is a form of mental purging. It helps you make sense of your own thoughts and recalibrate your ideas of the world.

In a more productive way, you can start blogging. It can be anything, from your own philosophical thoughts to commentaries about politics. It can also be about your other hobbies. There are many success stories online about bloggers who make money from writing about things they love (like home decorating) and are earning thousands from it every month.

Learn how you can start setting up a blog here.

Learning One New Thing Every Day

It can be learning a language, learning one new fact, learning coding one lesson at a time. Learn one new thing every day, and in one week, you will be good. In three months, you will be great. In a year, you will be exceptional. Being open to learning new things is a sign of great character.

Doing Nothing

In a society obsessed with productivity, humanity’s greatest minds all vouch for the importance of boredom. Boredom is a vital adaptive emotion necessary to draw the human faculties for contemplation and solitude and is essential for the life of the mind and the spirit. So don’t push away your daydreams, and embrace your inner self by productively doing absolutely nothing.

Things to Remember

Many will argue that a hobby is a poor derivative for natural passion. But who is to complain? In a generation where almost everything wants to grab your attention, the least you can do is to look inward and find something innately fulfilling to save yourself from the drowning madness of our own collective doing.

Just a caveat, however: a hobby does not guarantee any moneymaking advantage (unless, perhaps, you talk about it in YouTube). If it’s in line with the entertainment industry and you do it exceptionally well, then there’s perhaps stardom waiting for you in the near future. But most hobbies have a more practical benefit such as keeping your sanity grounded. Others may require a little bit of serendipity and random coincidence.

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